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My Offerings

My offerings are aimed to empower individuals to take control of their lives and to heal on a deeper level. Focusing on the root cause. I strive to create a safe and comfortable environment to help my clients reach their goals. 

Applying Essential Oil



- Pain Relief / Mobility Issues 

- Grief & Trauma Therapy 

- Stress Management

- Journey to the self 

- Life after heartbreak

- Blissful Rest & Restore


Womens Emotional Health

- Embrace grace - Self-love therapy

- Pre - Natal & Pos Natal Care

- Returning to your sacred feminine

- New Beginning - healing after heart break & divorce

Female Friends
Quran and Prayer Beads


Faith Based Help

- Islamic Counselling

- Spiritual Coaching 

- Healing the Heart


Guidance & Support

- Life Coaching

- Spirituality Coaching 

- Self love Coaching 

- Law of Attraction Coaching 

Therapy Closeup
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