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Hafsa Khan 

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Hafsa Khan - The Mystic Med - Specializing in Pain,  Matters of The Heart, Emotional Release, and women's Mental & Spiritual Health 


In an era marked by rapid pace and detachment from our true selves, Hafsa emerges as a beacon of guidance, seamlessly intertwining the art of healing with profound wisdom. With a global footprint extending across vibrant cosmopolitan hubs including the USA, China, London, Thailand, and Hong Kong, Hafsa brings a wealth of diverse experiences to her role as an Integrated Holistic Practitioner. She has spent 7 years researching, developing and testing unique and functional ways to improve health and well-being in an integrative holistic whole-body approach that supports physical, mental, and spiritual body. 


At the core of Hafsa's practice lies an unwavering commitment to holistic wellness, addressing the multifaceted layers of human existence – from physical ailments to matters of the heart and the depths of spirituality. Drawing from a rich tapestry of conventional and alternative healing modalities, she customizes sessions to cater to the unique needs of each individual under her care.


Hafsa's expertise traverses a broad spectrum of healing disciplines, encompassing bodywork, energetics, emotional release, sound frequency, EFT,  hypnotherapy and more.  With a gentle yet potent approach, she guides her clients through the intricacies of their inner landscapes, aiding them in shedding the burdens of the past and embracing futures filled with potential and purpose.


Integral to Hafsa's methodology is her profound connection to Sufism, a spiritual tradition that venerates the soul's journey with profound reverence and insight. Enriched by the timeless wisdom of Sufi teachings, her sessions serve as sanctuaries for exploration, transformation, and profound spiritual awakening.


Throughout her illustrious career, Hafsa has served as a catalyst for profound healing and personal growth, touching the lives of countless individuals in search of solace, clarity, and inner peace. Whether guiding clients through emotional traumas and physical pains or empowering women on paths of self-love, spiritual clarity, and resilience amidst adversity, her compassionate presence offers a haven for healing and evolution.


As a practitioner, Hafsa embodies qualities of passion, empathy, and steadfast dedication to her craft. Her deep understanding of the human experience, coupled with intuitive insights and extensive knowledge, cultivates a nurturing atmosphere where healing naturally unfolds, and the soul finds its authentic expression.


In a world yearning for connection and healing, Hafsa stands as a guiding luminary, illuminating the path toward holistic well-being and spiritual integration. With her compassionate heart, nurturing spirit, and unwavering commitment to the welfare of others, she continues to inspire transformation, one soul at a time.


Holding Hands


  • Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy 

  • Certified Life Coach Spiritual

  • Islamic Counselling 

  • Certified Mindfulness Coach

  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach

  • Certified Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Practitioner 

  • Certified Meditation Practitioner 

Head Massage


  • Bachelor of Alternative Systems of Medicine

  • Certified MD of Alternative Medicine

  • Practitioner Diploma in Massage Therapy

  • Certified Sports Massage

  • Master of Myofascial Clinical Cupping

  • Diploma in Pathology

  • Certified Pre and Post Natal Massage

  • Reiki Master & Sufi Healing

  • Energy Healing 

  • Master Practitioner EFT/ TFT Therapy 

  • Sound Healing & Sound Therapy

Outdoor Dancing


  • Certified  Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher 

  • Stretch Therapy 

  • Conscious Movement 

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